Tulbagh weekend away – Matthew and Lauras wedding

A few days before Christmas we found ourselves in the picturesque town of Tulbagh. We were here for the wedding of our good friends Matt and Laura and what an amazing wedding it was…. Here are a few snaps from the weekend
IMG_8665 IMG_8666 IMG_8669 IMG_8696 IMG_8698 IMG_8700 IMG_8706 IMG_8707 IMG_8708 IMG_8712 IMG_8727 IMG_8728 IMG_8993IMG_8729 IMG_8730 IMG_8734 IMG_8736 IMG_8737 IMG_8745 IMG_8747 IMG_8760 IMG_8763 IMG_8765 IMG_8769 IMG_8770 IMG_8773 IMG_8775 IMG_8776 IMG_8782 IMG_8786 IMG_8788 IMG_8789 IMG_8790 IMG_8792 IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8796 IMG_8797 IMG_8798 IMG_8802 IMG_8805 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8820 IMG_8825 IMG_8829 IMG_8830 IMG_8833 IMG_8834 IMG_8835 IMG_8837 IMG_8838 IMG_8840 IMG_8843 IMG_8844 IMG_8845 IMG_8846 IMG_8848 IMG_8850 IMG_8853 IMG_8854 IMG_8858 IMG_8861 IMG_8862 IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8872 IMG_8874 IMG_8875 IMG_8877 IMG_8878 IMG_8879 IMG_8884 IMG_8886 IMG_8888 IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8894 IMG_8901 IMG_8903 IMG_8905 IMG_8911 IMG_8912 IMG_8913 IMG_8915 IMG_8916 IMG_8918 IMG_8925 IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8966 IMG_8974 IMG_8976

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