red white and blue

I’d be lying if i said I didn’t expect big things from Sossusvlei. It wasn’t the only reason for going to Namibia but we’ve all the pics of the cloudless blues skies, the blood red dunes, the white clay soil of deadvlei littered with those dead acacia trees – i just hoped photoshop hadn’t set my expects too high; but first there would be driving, lots and lots of driving.

After a brief 2 night stop-over at the fish river canyon(another time/another blog) and approximately 1400km later the landscape  and road started to change. The sand got much thicker and had a reddishness to it. There were mountains too, really massive mountains like craters you would expect to find on the moon. Everything seemed foreign and started to resembled something i had seen in a  sci-fi movie, vast open spaces, sand, rocks and nothingness.

Fortunately, not long after entering the Namib-Naukluft national park we found signs directing us to our destination(&Beyond’s sossusvlei desert lodge). On arival we were met with a warm smile and a cold lemonade and i knew were in good hands. 

Here are some of the magnificent spaces/places we got to experience while staying at one of the worlds leading luxury experiential travel companies.

Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5671 Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5656 Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5634

Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5678Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5684Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5677

Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5704Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5715Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5724Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5743_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5746Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5748
Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5793_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5733IMG_5866Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5817Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5820_BWIMG_5687IMG_5697Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5857Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5869Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5871_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5882 Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5885Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5884Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5904Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5730_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5915Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5917Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5918Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5921Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5923_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5924Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5927Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5929_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5935Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5938_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5942Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5945_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5956_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6130Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5961_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_5979Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_5999Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6001_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6008Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6012Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6015_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6016_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6017Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6019Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6023_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6037_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6041_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6042Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6057Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6060_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6083_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6090Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6102Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6103_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6114Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6119Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6124Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6151_BWSossusvlei Namibia IMG_6162Sossusvlei Namibia IMG_6163

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